Is Real Friendship Too Risky?

We live in a world where real friendship is hard to find.

All of us sense that something has been lost in the postmodern experience of individualism, social media, identity politics and political rhetoric. Suspicious of others and insecure about ourselves, we retreat into the safety of our small, self-made worlds. Now more than ever, it’s easy to avoid people with whom we disagree or whose life experiences don’t mirror our own. Safe among like-minded peers and digital “friends,” we really don’t have to engage with those who can challenge and enhance our limited perspectives. Tragically, even the church can become a place that minimizes diversity and reinforces isolation.

What is lacking, if you're willing to hear an opinion,
are genuine friendships formed in the Creator's model. 

Amos 3:3 says "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" In modern words, we all need to find the places of agreement where we can come together, and be friends for real, so that we can work througn life's challenges together like frinds. 

Less than real friendship seems to be easy for many to live with. It pretends to care, has stipulations, fakes closeness and abounds with ways to eject! when anything like conflict or imperfection shows up. But, let's be honest, those friendships never meet us at our place depest need, the place where close and genuine friends who love us and are truly loved by us. 

The goal of the Be-Friend campaign is to invite people into comunity where the Chrstian values of grace, peace and love are genuinely lived out in the midst of conversations related to those things which frequently act as obsticles to meaningful friendship. We have the crazy idea that we can "walk together" even though we are truly different than one another. 


Jesus models a much richer vision of friendship;

We are out to imitate that model!

resources for the be-friend campaign